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The 2nd Annual International Women's Day LIVE Stream Marathon
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theresa "tgo" goss

TGo is a Proud US Navy Veteran who’s “earned” a PhD. from the Entrepreneurial School of Hard Knocks. Winner of the ATHENA International TV & Producer Award and Inducted into the Nevada Women’s Hall of Fame for Entertainment & Media. In 2005 Published the world's first all digital-interactive magazine for African Americans; "BIM" Black Insight Magazine.
Best Selling Author, Public Speaker, Executive Producer and Host of Expert Talk with TGo. She's truly Fueled by Passion, Powered beyond Fear: Letting nothing block her path to Success!
What's International Women's Day? 


International Women's Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating women's equality.


To raise greater awareness about issues impacting women's equality, to highlight important gains that are being made
 and to celebrate women's achievements and accomplishments. 


IWD has occurred for well over a century, the first IWD gathering was in 1911 and supported by over a million people. Today, IWD belongs to all groups collectively everywhere. IWD is not country, group or specific organization.


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Alyson Franz

Alyson helps entrepreneurs and change makers to create and master a powerful inner mindset so they can grow their empire with ease and make a bigger difference in the world.

 Dr Natalie Petouhoff

Senior Customer Experience Strategist and Consultant at Genesys. Petouhoff’s work in helping hundreds of brands shift from outdated paradigms to new frontiers

Jasmine Yu Zhang

Private investor. Founding Partner of Flying Tiger Capital, Venture Partner at VU Venture Partners, an angel investor at Wharton Alumni Angel Group, LP of SoGal Ventures, and Chicago Atlantic Group.

 Krystylle Richardson

Krystylle is a Healthcare and Wealth Innovation Strategist who has been featured in
USA Today, ABC, NBC, CBS and nominated to speak in Think & Grow Rich. 

Katherine Sellery

TEDx speaker, Founder & CEO of Conscious Parenting Revolution,
and sought out “Pandemic Parenting” coach and expert who has helped thousands of parents, children and educators thrive during the COVID crisis.

 Darcus Gates

Featured Las Vegas Singer, Song Writer and Author 'Expressions of Experience"
“Everybody’s Got An Uncle Gibby Don’t You”. She also Executive Producer/Host of Darcus After Dark.

Kimberly Faith

Author of  “Your Lion Inside: Discover the Power Within & Live Your Fullest Life.” An award-winning book that inspires women to free themselves from the universal mindsets standing in the way of their ultimate success. 

Phylis Ayman

An expert Speech/Language Pathologist, Certified Dementia Practitioner, Trainer, Manager  who has worked in approximately 45 skilled nursing/short-term rehabilitation facilities.

Dr. Wendy Labat

The Financial Healer. Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author, Producer & Host of Global Streaming Show, Business Strategist & Global Speaker.

Maria Simone

Dame Maria Simone is a “Soul and Money Catalyst” who has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs to create meaningful and prosperous businesses with the emphasis on IMPACT and PROFIT

Shannon Parsons

An empathetic leader known fondly by senior executives like Greg Reid, founder of Secret Knock and Scott Duffy Top Business & Global Business Coach - as “The Secret Weapon”

Amada Hainline

An emotional freedom mentor, intuitive healer, and author of the bestselling new book “Feel Better in Five Minutes — An Empowering Guide to Gain Control Over Your Emotions.” 

Dr. Kara Scott-Dentley

A scientist turned entrepreneur and success specialist. She has  traveled around the world and given talks on the Science to Success using methods and strategies learned during her academic and work career.

International Women's Day

Celebrating Achievements, Raising Awareness And Taking Action.

JB Owen

Speaker, international best-selling author, and business owner. JB has created
award-winning products, worldwide brands, and published international best sellers whose reach spans the globe to inspire millions.

 Dr. Michiyo Ambrosius

Creator of Neuro Bi-lateral Processing (NBP), a trademarked treatment integrating the left and right sides of the brain that allows people to release negative emotions and limiting beliefs that are caused by trauma. 

 Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller

aka The Dream Maker, is an International Award Winning International Publicist, Business Consultant, & Sponsorship Acquistionist who leads others to manifest their dreams bigger than they ever dared to dream possible.

Emily Baker

Everyone's Favorite Legal Commentator and host of the Top 20 News Commentary Podcast The Emily Show. Emily believes that the laws that govern our lives can be understood by everyone. 

Monica Parker

Starring in her insightful and funny show; Sex, Pies & A Few White Lies and publisher of funny but true non-fiction anti-diet book, Getting Waisted - A Survival Guide to Being Fat in a Society That Loves Thin.

Portia Wood

A generational wealth planning attorney. Based in Los Angeles, she leads Wood Legal Group, LLP, a woman-owned and operated law firm specializing in estate planning, probate, and elder law. 

Shel Harrington

Humorist, author, and family law attorney whose debut book, “Over 50, Defined: Words Just for Us That Aren’t in the Dictionary … YET!” finds hilarity in the 50-plus experience.

Sophia Olivas

CEO of EverSmart City, sustainable communities which provide affordable housing, one of the first women to own a Private Crypto Hedge Fund, and a Speaker on Women’s Financial Sovereignty.

Sondra Falk

Custom apparel designer for the past 27 years where she consistently produces her studio classically styled and elegant formal, evening, and bridal apparel to the highest industry standards and uncompromising attention to detail.

Michelle Tennant Nicholson

Good Morning America Producer Mable Chan calls Wasabi Publicity’s Chief Creative Officer Michelle Tennant Nicholson a “five-star publicist.” Michelle calls herself a “storyteller to the media.”

Zenja Dunn

Nevada Broadcasting Hall of Fame Celebrity Radio Personality, Talk Show Host, Financial Advisor & Fitness Expert, Forex & Crypto Trader, Community Activist, Entrepreneur and Speaker!

Lauren Molasky Fierst

Living with a chronic disease, like cystic fibrosis, Lauren not only defying the odds but inspiring others along the way.
She started a fashion blog years ago and recently wrote a book, “The Sky Cracked Open” which is a series of poems mostly written for her kids 

Rachel Tenenbaum

NeuroTransformational Coach who teaches leaders how to defuse stress, catapult collaboration, foster innovation, retrain their brain, and lead others in a process she coined called P.E.A.C.E. (Pause Embrace Acknowledge Choose Engage). 

Marilyn Simons

Co-founded the Simons Foundation in 1994 with her husband, James Simons. The foundation funds research and educational programs in mathematics, physics, and life sciences globally. 

 Dr. Hoa Nguyen

Entrepreneur, author, business leader, eye doctor, and an accredited real estate investor and syndicator. She is the co-founder of 20/20 Platinum Capital. She has ownership in over $300M in real estate acquisitions.

Marci Barker

Life and Fitness Expert. 
Coach Marci Barker helps her clients master habits with movement, mindset, and nutrition through her online programs, app, and personal coaching.


Watch this year's International Women's Day - 2022 LIVE broadcast featuring 29 successful trailblazing women from small business entrepreneurs to the “Pink Billionaire” all from the comfort of your own home.
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What Previous Guests Have To Say...

Cinnamon Alvarez

 So thankful to get to spend one of the best days of the year hearing words of wisdom from all these wonderful women! 

Anna Maria Davis

I was asked to be part of  #2021nternationalWomensDay. One of the topics TGo and I discussed is the importance of mentors at all stages of your career and paying that forward opening doors for diversity from all perspectives.

Jamie Wolf

The energy was crazy! Women came together to share things important to all of us - our communities, our businesses, our health, our families - Wow! Smart women getting together to serve, all made possible by a driven woman with a big vision and an even bigger heart! Gratitude!"

Katie Keene

 The 2021 International Women's Day Marathon was a fantastic event, filled with vast Highlights of knowledge from so many experts!
The value was incredible, and the experience as a participant was flawless and so enjoyable. I'd gladly participate in this event again any time!